Do you need threading & waxing in Houston TX

Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor provides clients in the Houston TX area with the best body waxing services. We never use our products twice nor apply recycled ones. Each time, we use a new wooden applicator and put the wax on your body from the pot of wax to your skin and from it to the waste basket. Our specialists always use gloves, and that is one of our safety practices. After you enter our hair salon, you can rest assured and see for yourself that our products are always clean, free of cross contamination and naturally one hundred percent pure. We use wax made out of natural ingredients including pine resin, bees wax, green tea, and olive oil.

threading & waxingAt Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor we offer fast and efficient method for hair removal. Regular wax treatments can decrease and sometimes eliminate hair re-growth. When you are looking for professional threading or waxing services in Houston TX, know that at Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor you will find the highest quality services. We have various of waxing packages that may suit your requirements as well as frequent waxing programs.

Our specialists at Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor know that when highlight your eye zone area you will make you look better and when you have chose the most suitable shape for you and when it is made you will definitely see that you are looking really good and of course you will feel beautiful. We can even do eyelash perming, which gives your lashes a “awake” look and you will love this new look. At our beauty salon in Houston TX we offer our customers threading and waxing. The effects of threading last a lot longer than waxing. With threading the specialist can remove single hairs and therefore your lashes can be shaped to suit your face shape more and other plus of threading is that it tends to last longer than waxing.

Threading & Waxing ServiceAnisa Beauty Salon
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Phone: (713) 774-7575

Located in Houston TX, Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor offers an extensive line of wax lotions and oils for body hair treatment procedures. Using clean and pure wax helps avoid plenty of reactions, scabbing, allergies, and burn marks. Whether you want strip or hard waxing, we can offer them both at an affordable price. Our professionals will use normal temperature wax to remove hair. Our products won’t strip off layers of skin, simply because they don’t need to be heated at high temperatures. Your beauty and safety is our main concern. The atmosphere at our studio will stimulate your senses, and you’ll be able to indulge in relaxation while your wax experience lasts. We will make sure it’s also as painless and comfortable as possible. Our specialists will use oils and lotions with the highest quality ingredients to complement the final stage of your experience.

Our specialists also know that waxing can be less painful during the actual treatment. At Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor we think that eyebrow threading is a much better option than waxing because threading gives you a much more precise shape to suit your face shape and it lasts longer. Threading & Waxing Houston, TXWaxing is at time a quick and cost efficient method of removing unwanted hair, especially on the face. It is more suitable for more sensitive parts of your body. If you want to make some changes with your hair, you can also read more information about our hair salon.

Even the chicest women may not understand all there is to understand about the what, when, where, and who of Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor. We firmly believe that if you’re going to dare to go bare, you should understand all the hairy things first! Our specialists are looking forward to meeting you soon. Schedule an appointment for our affordable body waxing service at (713) 774-7575  and put yourself in the hands of our experts for the most expedient results. Call us now and see what our Houston TX salon can provide you with to leave you feeling completely refreshed.

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